Falmouth Classics

Thank you to all who took part in Falmouth Classics 2014,

With the able assistance of the weather, the Classics weekend proved to be the success we had all hoped for.  And it became a success entirely due to the atmosphere that you all created.  There was a buzz on the Falmouth Haven Pontoons  and everyone appeared to be smiling.

But we will not let it go at that.  There were some mistakes.  Some noticed by you, but others that we hope were sorted by our team before you would have been aware of them.

So Falmouth Classics 2014 is over bar the shouting.  But work starts for 2015 right now.  We hope you enjoyed Falmouth Classics 2014.  We look forward to seeing you in 2015.

Please put the following dates in your Diary.

Falmouth Classics 2015  will take place from 12th – 14th June 2015

The Programme for 2015 is currently being worked on.  Until it has been agreed, many sections of this website will remain blank, or may show 2014 data..

If you need further information you can contact us on info@falmouthclassics.org.uk or phone Royal Cornwall Yacht Club on 01326 312126.